You are in for the next Light-Filled Elemental Astrology Certification! This is HUGE!!

This is a 12-week program with modules that will be available starting Monday January 9th and then every Monday at 8:08am MST.

There will also be a Live Q&A every Thursday at 11 am MST. It is very in-depth and will give you the tools to be able to deeply understand your own chart as well as to be able to read charts for your friends and family.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday 1/12
  • Thursday 1/19
  • Thursday 1/26
  • ​​​​​​​Thursday 2/2
  • Thursday 2/9
  • Thursday 2/16
  • Thursday 2/23
  • Thursday 3/2
  • Thursday 3/9
  • Thursday 3/16
  • Thursday 3/23
  • Thursday 3/30

Each week we will deep dive into the following topics with lots of visuals for learning as well as expert instruction. You will have access to review the material as many times as you need and the Q&As will be recorded for you to have access to in the course as well.

Here’s the weekly breakdown of what we will be covering:

WEEK ONE: The 4 Dimensions of Astrology

WEEK TWO: The 12 Energies of the Zodiac {First Half}

WEEK THREE: The 12 Energies of the Zodiac {Second Half}

WEEK FOUR: The Planets {First Half} + Luminaries

WEEK FIVE: The Planets {Second Half} + Nodal Path

WEEK SIX: The Asteroids + Other Points

WEEK SEVEN: The Houses + Interceptions

WEEK EIGHT: Aspects + Patterns

WEEK NINE: How to Read Natal Charts

WEEK TEN: Transits


WEEK TWELVE: Practical Application

It will be a LOT to cover in 12 weeks but this will give you such a deep dive into all the areas that you’ve been trying to learn about but just didn’t quite understand. And with the Weekly Q&A we can be sure you’re really getting the content as you move through the process.

{And yes, don’t worry for those who will inevitably be eager to keep going and become a Professional Astrologer I will be offering that program in the future and this will be a prerequisite}

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS YOUR COURSE on JANUARY 9 -- you'll also get emails directing you on the day