Light-Filled Astrologer™ Code of Conduct

  • A Light-Filled Astrologer™  is someone who believes in God as a Higher Power, and that this great and powerful God is the creator of this wonderful Universe. They may refer to this being by different names.

  • A Light-Filled Astrologer™ gives the glory and credit for their life, astrology practice and successes to God.

  • A Light-Filled Astrologer™ strives to keep themselves in alignment, both personally as well as professionally.

  • A Light-Filled Astrologer™ is distinctively different from the rest of the astrologers as they actively seek to bring themselves and those that they are around closer to God.

  • A Light-Filled Astrologer™ is continually learning from multiple sources, inside and outside of the field of astrology, to further the support that they can give to their clients.

  • A Light-Filled Astrologer™ does not seek to use astrology for prediction, nor do they make any claims or promises based on their interpretations of astrology. 

  • A Light-Filled Astrologer™ understands that they are different from other astrologers, not superior, but seeks to maintain a standard of light and truth in their practice.

Note: Light-Filled Astrology™ itself is non-religious and non-denominational and at its core does not promote any one specific religion or faith.