Want to harness the power of Jupiter? Want to feel like a Happy Sagittarius and let your energy LIFT effortlessly? I have found the secret. It’s called:

Jupiter Juice is a combination of 3 things:

  • Structured Water

  • Live

  • Zing

Combined they create a very powerful combination of whole foods and herbs to support a healthy, happy lifestyle. Get your own by clicking on >> THIS LINK << and ordering the C7 Energy Pitcher, Live + Zing through Juuva.

If you have any trouble at all or would like some assistance, pop over to booknaomi.com and grab a quick call with me there.

Formerly “Bud’s Cocktail” here’s a bit more about how to make it and a bunch of the benefits:

I also highly recommend this specific Blender Bottle as pictured above:

? Love. You.