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This is a powerful month astrologically for us all. Save this post for reference.
? We start it off in no small way with Venus in Libra opposing Jupiter in Aries right out the gate on the 1st. This could have us feeling out of sync with our relationships and like they are not expanding quite the way we would prefer, but let your heart be light – it’s Libra season and all will find balance soon, especially if you are able to release the need for control and allow what needs to rearrange itself to do so.
? Then we move into the First Quarter moon in Capricorn on the 2nd which gives us some really good traction to focus on our business, and get that effective productivity that we’ve been craving and this coincides with Mercury Direct! ??Hallelujah! ?? Retrograde is over for this chatty little planet and even more can be released and move ahead now. That chatty little guy is in his home sign of Virgo so the rest of the month should open up quite a lot of clear communication that will shift into focusing on balance.
Through the rest of that first week in October, there will be some amazing opportunities for collaboration in your business, expansive ideas and also many a day or two where you feel a STOP energy to review and consider your current direction. ✋? Take heart, dear one. As you review, you’ll see what you had been missing and confidently move ahead in even more alignment. ➡️➡️➡️ If you’re running a business, your sales will soon be increasing, ? but first you must examine some things that are out of order or timing.
?✨? The second week brings us a full moon in Aries on the 9th which will light a fire under you and breathe new life into your energy and self-assuredness. ?? Watch for places where resentment may have been lurking as you could suddenly be speaking up for yourself where you’d been letting things slide for far too long. It could disrupt your relationships so stay vigilant now and be proactive in communicating what is and is not working for you so nothing has to blow when that phenomenal Aries energy reaches its fullness with the moon.
⚖️ After the intensity subsides from the full moon, we have a lot of Libra energies going on, with some opposing Jupiter in Aries. ?? So the dance of beautiful balance and intense expansion will be felt off and on throughout the rest of the month and then we dive deep into Scorpio season. ?? The Sun makes his big shift into the watery, powerful sign on the 23rd and is also happening the same day Saturn goes Direct. This will unlock many of the things that have been seeming to hold us back in our businesses, but were actually under careful review, now ready to move forward in a powerful way. ??? Venus also enters Scorpio on the 23rd, bringing our relationships into intense focus and really upping the passion, or even obsession. ? That energy is well channeled into your business as there’s more than enough to spare!
?☀️ The last week in October is really where things get super intense and we have a LOT changing. We enter an Eclipse portal on the 25th with the new moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. ? Eclipses happen when the North and South Nodes are within a short distance to the sun and moon when it is full or new. They are incredibly potent because they are mingling with the energy of our soul’s direction and a much higher level of consciousness. This is ushering in deep change and transformation, ready or not! Be very vigilant of your emotions and desires from the 23rd through the 27th. It would be a good idea to mark this one on your calendar, specifically, so you can really harness the power of this glorious event with even more intention.
? Then on the 28th Jupiter, who is still Retrograde, goes back into Pisces where he is Exalted and offers massive spiritual gifts, awakening and expansion. The next day Mercury joins the Sun and Venus on Scorpio and then on the 30th Mars stations Retrograde in Gemini which will greatly impact our drive and ambition. It’s an excellent time to review how you’re talking about what you truly want and how your words become weapons sometimes when in conflict. Mars will be in Gemini a total of 8 months due to this Retrograde, ? where he normally only spends about 2 months in each sign. So pay attention to your verbal intensities as they are all under review for our highest good. ??
It will be a bit of a wild ride this month, with a lot shifting and changing, but remember that it is all for our very best good. ?‍♀️??‍♂️ When it’s uncomfortable, or downright painful, remember to release control and allow what is trying to emerge to come in. ? We are not in control at all and we also have total control. And getting the truth of those two parts in the right order is vital to our peace. ☯️
?✨ Light + Love

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